Farm to Table

Why Is A Farm To Table Concept Important To You?The economy is changing – shipping food across the nation is increasingly expensive and reliance upon national policy is failing local people. The law is changing – telling people what is in their food is less and less important to regulators. Food and health are changing – preventable disease is skyrocketing and processed food continues to lower its standards for nutrition and taste. People’s consciousness is changing. “Local food” is on the radar in big way. Many factors are coming together to make this a great time to build a local economy based upon food growers and food retailers. There are many reasons why local food can offer a tremendous competitive advantage for local commerce.

However, more education is needed. Retailers and growers need to know who to meet needs in the most self-sustaining. We plan to coordinate education to get more people into local food.

More networks are needed. People need to know how to get into this market and those in the market need to hone their skills. We cannot force stores and factories to come to town and make jobs. But, we can give people the means to turn unused land into community strength and family strength. This means teaching and communication.

This is a tide that lifts all boats. It is about sustainability.

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