Board of Directors

Jolie DeFeis, Executive Director

Jolie DeFeis

Jolie DeFeis felt the need to start Air Soil Water during her fight to Stop the Tennessee Gas Upgrade Project in Northeast, PA.   After a year of activism, she realized that in order to wean people off of fossil fuels it is critical to educate on alternatives and provide solutions so that we can all make better environmental choices.  Her focus is on reframing the conversation and fighting FOR renewable energy and other forms of sustainability.

She brings over 25 years of marketing and communications experience.  She co-founded the award-winning Sugartown Creative in 2004 where she helped clients P&G, Coca-Cola, Godiva and Bacardi develop and bring new products to market. She has held senior positions with advertising agencies, BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Wells Rich Greene and Energy Garden Inc.

In addition to her business credentials, she has served as a marketing lecturer at Pace University and as an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College where she has taught courses in Leadership.  She is involved with student mentoring programs through their Magner Center and has been invited to speak on panels at the school regarding business success.  She has donated her time to other non-profit causes including Women In Need and launched a successful vaccination campaign with Marian Wright Edelman for The Children’s Defense Fund.

David Wallace, Director

David Wallace

David Wallace is a native of Goshen, New York.  He is a lifelong gardener.  He grew up on a dairy farm and operated a small vegetable stand as a child.  He graduated in 1984 with a B.A. in English from Colgate University and from Cornell Law School in 1987.  After working in a large New Jersey firm, he establishes his New Jersey and New York general practice in Montague, New Jersey in 1990.  In addition to supporting several charities with incorporation, he has taught sustainable and organic growing skills annually for the last three years.  His goal is establishing a local community of growers and artisans for support, education and profitable exchange of food and other staples.


David Wineberg, Director

David Wineberg

David Wineberg is a marketer. In this discipline he has helped for profit and nonprofit, giant corporations and startups, in products and in services. He has been marketing on the internet since he created his first two sites for pilot progams in 1980. He builds financial models, business plans and marketing plans, and executes on them. Along the way he has designed and launched products, designed and built e-commerce lines of business, and helped write books for several authors. His blog is his collection of book reviews on amazon.

When needed, he can be totally hands on, designing logos, ads, brochures, tv and radio commercials, websites, social media programs, postcards and posters. He has written and produced television documentaries, and started out as an investigative journalist on the Canadian version of 60 Mniutes, called Task Force.

He lives by a waterfall across from a bald eagles’ nest in Milford, PA with his wife Nancy, and their Pomeranian, Bandit. They live in a totally green home of his design, and share one small car. David bikes everywhere.


George De Feis, Director

George DeFeis

Dr. George L. De Feis has 25+ years of corporate/consulting, academic & not-for-profit experience, covering the fields of business development, management, education, association management (conference & exhibit), international affairs, and engineering. He has consulted to the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, and to academia. Dr. De Feis completed his D.P.S. in management (marketing; international business) at Pace University in 2013. His dissertation involved studying “alliance sustainability” vis-à-vis “cohesiveness” of alliance partners and “goal achievement” of the customer. For this effort, the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) was highlighted to feature “alliance partners” in the design-build enterprise and the “owner” as the customer. He also holds an M.B.A. in finance (1987) from Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY), and a B.E. in civil engineering (1982) from Cooper Union.

De Feis was the executive director of the U.S. Chess Federation, Concrete Industry Board, and the American Management Association’s Operation Enterprise. He has published & presented articles on management & professional practice, not-for-profit management, global business issues, course development, distance learning, technology & sustainable development at meetings of the Academy of Management, Eastern AOM, UN Global Compact, IAMOT, and in various American Society of Civil Engineers peer-reviewed journals. Interests include strategy & competitive advantage, decision making, marketing, international business, education (hybrid and distance learning), engineering, and not-for-profit issues.

2 thoughts on “Board of Directors

  1. Hi Jolie,
    I attended one of your gatherings regarding fracking in milford. My wife and I have purchased a farm in Mill Rift and would like to get together with you discuss your organization. We will be operating our farm based upon permaculture/organic principles. We also have a soon to be 18 year old daughter who will be studying Environmental Science or Bio Engineering in college and is looking for an intern position this summer if you need help.
    You can contact me at 201-315-2456 or email me at
    Perhaps we can meet over a cup of coffee or tea?

  2. Cheyenne Boccia July 9, 2014 — 2:30 pm

    Hello. My name is Cheyenne Boccia and I work for dirt magazine. This message is for Jolie. I’d like to talk to you if you have a moment for a Q&A for our next issue. Please email me at or call me at 845-234-0488. Thank you/

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