Milford Farmers Market

2018 Milford Farmers Market is BACK

Rain or Shine every Sunday 10 am – 2 pm

from May 27th to Oct 21st at

The Columns Museum – 608 Broad Street

Historic Milford, PA. 

Check out our 2018 list of local artisans and vendors!

Remember to check out our Calender of Music Events
Free Concerts at the Market!

13 thoughts on “Milford Farmers Market

  1. I love it! We have more farmers markets in nyc than in the country! That needs to change.

    1. Hope to see you there and for many years in community with strong local business connections for accounable use of resources and better health.

  2. Local Foods support Local jobs & Businesses & the Local economy. We all need to be educated.
    You have my support. I also cater to Local products in my shop in Milford, Interior Works Gallery.
    Thank you !

  3. Glad to see people other than farmers supporting fresh local produce which directly effects our local economy. Safford Farm will be there

  4. moving to Milford this spring, very excited to shop the local vendors and farms!

  5. Robin Jaffe-Murin July 3, 2014 — 12:08 pm

    Would like to sign up for Green Market and any other related activities. Willing to make a donation. Robin Murin

  6. Hello, I was wondering how I can put a stand out on the farmers market to sell homemade fish cakes that I make. Please let me know, I would love to sell them here. Thank you for your time, sincerely Mark

  7. Comments are positive, buy very out dated. Any recent pictures of it? Would like to see some and decide if we feel it’s worth the drive. Thanks.

    1. here are some great pictures from the news paper we would love for you to come down and visit us we have some great vendors. Fresh juice fresh veggies and meats. Farm fresh eggs, fresh roasted coffee jams jellies honey mushrooms and dog treats.

  8. Is it possible to rent a spot for a bake sale?

  9. The Green Party candidate for PA governor is the only candidate intending to ban fracking and dynamically expand solar and insulation.

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